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Why Landlords choose Land Estates

It is always tempting to reduce costs in any business and sometimes cost reduction is worthwhile. Of course, on the flipside, there are plenty reasons why spending a little extra money can be hugely beneficial later on in the process.

One of the obvious ways to save money up front is to not employ a letting agent. Especially in a buoyant rental market, a simple advertisement in the local paper can seem appealing, but there are several reasons why the savings on the costs of a professional letting agent might prove very costly in the long run.

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Land Estates specialist service:

  1. This is what we do. Few of us would choose to service our own car these days. It’s a specialist field requiring knowledge and tools most of us just don’t have. If you don’t trust yourself to service your own car why on earth would you trust yourself with a vastly more valuable asset - like your house? As members of Property Ombudsman we are trusted professionals in the lettings sector in and around Dartford.
  2. We know the market, what is in demand and the market rental value. Without that knowledge you are simply guessing what your property is worth and that can be costly, either because you end up with an empty property for weeks or months whilst you try to let it at a high rent or because you under let it for too little. Either is a costly mistake that could be avoided by having a letting agent guide you.
  3. We know the law. Knowing what terms are lawful and what terms are not is part of our service. The letting agreement we provide to our clients deals with all usual eventualities in a lawful and equitable manner that protects both sides and has your (the landlord’s) best interests at heart. We can also advise you on the law relating to letting furnished or unfurnished property and your legal obligations with regard to holding a tenant’s deposit or maintaining and inspecting the property’s gas and electrical installations. Failure to meet your legal obligations can result in large fines or even imprisonment. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.
  4. We know the pitfalls. We know that voids are costly and securing a tenant as soon as possible is important to a successful buy-to-let investment’s performance. However, letting your property to the wrong tenant can be disastrous. At Land Estates, we strive to protect our clients’ best interests by undertaking credit checks and exercising rigorous referencing on your behalf. This helps to reduce the potential costs involved with pursuing a tenant that fails to live up to their tenant’s obligations.
  5. In addition to securing a suitable tenant we can also provide a modern and exhaustive tenancy agreement, a property management service and an inventory and referencing service. In effect, we can be your one-stop-shop and serve your best interests 24/7.
  6. We know the best trade’s people. Sometimes with property things break or go wrong at unexpected times. If we manage your property we can arrange on your behalf for quotes from competent and trustworthy local trades people.
  7. We use all the major online property platforms and include your property in their listings. Many potential tenants now use online platforms like Rightmove and Zoopla to search for their next home. These platforms are available to agents only and are not available to private landlords.
  8. We can arrange for your tenant’s deposit to be held by an approved body in accordance with legislation. We deal with these organisations every day and we can simplify the whole letting process by taking the headache away from you.
  9. If you are not a professional landlord, dealing face-to-face with a tenant can be awkward, especially during a dispute. We can represent you and protect your interests whilst acting as a mediator between you and your tenant. This is particularly useful during times of negotiation - as with rent increases!

If you would like to discuss how best we can help you let and/or manage your property portfolio, feel free to contact our lettings team on 01322 413 501 for an initial chat with no obligation.

Land Estates

Land Estates

Land Estates Services:

We are committed to transparency with our charges and fees. Click on the tab "Lettings Services" below and this shows all the services we provide. For more information, please call us or pop into our office and speak to a member of our team.

We offer four different levels of service:

  1. Management Plus
  2. Standard Management
  3. Rent collection
  4. Let only service.

Our most popular service is the Management Plus Service.

Here’s why. We provide you with complete peace of mind. From finding reliable tenants to ensuring all legal compliance is met. We will cover every aspect of letting your property.

With over 14 years’ experience in the lettings industry, Land Estates can be trusted to ensure you are given the best advice and find the most suitable tenant for your property.

Our experts will arrange and conduct all viewings on your behalf as well as ensure all tenancy and credit checks are completely and formally documented.

We will draw up a suitable tenancy agreement and will ensure a full inventory is taken before the tenant moves in.

Once the tenant has moved in, we will ensure rent is collected monthly and regular inspections will be conducted to ensure your investment is protected for the future. We will also advise and arrange any repairs that may be necessary and will handle the complete end of tenancy process.

We always have tenants who are looking for a new home. Our end-to-end Full Management plus service will help you lower your void periods and increase your overall return on investment.

For the avoidance of any rent doubts. We will also ensure your rent is paid on the rent due date regardless of whether the tenant pays or not! As we have legal insurance in place to protect you. Should there be a time a tenant is unable to pay; our legal insurance also gives you that extra peace of mind and ensuring you do not have to fork out hefty court and evictions charges.

We will also cover you for your annual Gas Safety Certificates and renewal fee.

This service truly is the ultimate ‘hands off’ approach for Landlords.

For our others services, additional fees may apply – please click on the tab below "Additional Landlord charges" to view all charges.

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