Tenant support

As a potential tenant you are entering into a legally binding contract for the duration of your tenancy. Before committing yourself, see below some frequently asked questions which may help you decide if letting really is for you!

Do you take Housing Benefit?

Housing Benefit tenants are at the discretion of our landlords. It would be worth calling us first to enquire as to whether we have any landlords with properties to rent that will accept Housing Benefit.

Where does my deposit go?

Your deposit is held with the Governments Deposit Protection Scheme. We would register your deposit if we are managing the property you reside in. However, if we are not managing the property (Let Only), then it will be your landlords responsibility to do this. Either way, you will receive a copy of the certificate for your information.

Tennant support

What am I responsible for as a tenant?

You are responsible for paying the agreed rent on time and at the agreed amount. You are also responsible for keeping the property and the grounds (if applicable) well maintained and in good order, throughout the duration of your tenancy.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are at the discretion of the landlord. If the landlord agrees, he may expect an additional clause to be implemented into your contract, increase the rent or take a higher deposit.

Who do I contact for maintenance problems or any other issues?

If the property is managed by Land Estates, contact the Lettings Team on 01322 413501. However, if not, you will need to contact your landlord directly.

Is the property furnished or unfurnished?

The property description will stipulate how the property is being offered. This can be confirmed with the agent at the time of viewing. If you require any changes to the property (such as un-furnished) that will be at the discretion of the landlord and terms may apply.